Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The escort girls in Kiev are far more shrewd

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New erotic calendar created for the president in Kiev

Last year, students from the Russian Faculty of Journalism compiled a sexy calendar for Vladimir Putin, and now we are following in their footsteps, or rather scantily-clad dress, with a new erotic calendar has emerged here in Kiev.

Like the first, this calendar has been put together especially for the president, and features young women in seductive underwear. Unlike the original, however, which was somewhat artistic in representation, this one is a little more provocative reeking of sexual overtones. 
Focusing on the dark and somewhat troubled past of dear Viktor Yanukovych, it also pokes fun at his discomfort in  speaking the national language as well as numerous other shortcomings. 
Flipping through the calendar pages, slogans such as, “ I’ll attack you with a wreath” appear. 

The girls in Moscow seemed to want to bed down with Putin for their version. The girls here are far more particular.


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