Sunday, 11 January 2015

In the world there will always be people who are ready for one reason or another to pay for sex!!!

Prostitutes and their clients have traditionally been the information separated from each other: the first had no idea with whom they will have to deal with, and the latter could not know in advance about the quality of service (look for recommendations would be weird). Today, technology is changing the sex industry, the magazine writes: thanks to specialized sites both sides get what they need to conclude a mutually beneficial transaction - data on physical appearance, age, health and type the desired / services, customer feedback, the ability to arrange a time and price and so on.

Moving online sheds light on many of the sex industry, which used to be in the shade. To talk about them, Economist studied personal pages 190 000 sex workers (men, which, as noted by the magazine in the industry may be about one fifth, in the sample were not included) in 84 cities in 12 countries.

Trends. The most surprising trend, identified in the study - the fall time earnings in the sex industry in recent years. One of his reasons, of course, the crisis of 2007-2008. For men, sex for money - this is a luxury, says Vanessa from southern England, so that these needs are cut first and foremost. Even if you offer discounts.

Globalization has also played a role: the large rich cities attract professionals from all sectors, notably in the EU, incorporates all the new states. Finally, the price is lowered newcomers coming into the business and taking on start lower cost.

Offset to the Internet is likely to increase the supply. Many women have come into the industry because customers can now be found online, not on the street, it is easier and no one will know. At the same time, numerous websites and applications for dating could reduce demand and, consequently, the price of sex for money.

Appearance matters. As found Economist, the more she fits the standard western pattern of beauty, the better she is paid. As can be seen from the graph, more than others earn trim blonde with long hair and large breasts (here, the magazine notes, implants can be regarded as an investment, you can even count how many hours they will be repaid).

Skin color is also important: the analysis carried out in four major US cities and London, shows that white girls earn more black. In Kuala Lumpur, the situation is vice versa, and in Singapore prefer to Vietnamese women.

As the labor market as a whole, education produces more revenue. According to US researchers, those who graduated from the school, earn in the sex industry is 31% more uneducated counterparts, they have more customers who buy more of their time.

Internet, insists Economist, simplifies the process of engaging in sex. On many forums experienced girls share wisdom with new, warn against error, tell us about the financial prospects and costs and provide a lot of useful tips: for example, what sheets are best kept frequent washing.

Independence. Websites and online services and simplify the life of prostitutes, allowing them to avoid dangerous clients or clashes with police. They also make it possible to abandon intermediaries and work for themselves, but the independence of a downside: the girl has the most to raise your business to engage in its promotion, to develop other areas.

"You need a good web site, a lot of great photos, you have to learn search engine optimization ... Sometimes it's exhausting,"
Still have to spend money on advertising, said the other girl, and every hour or two to check messages on the Internet. It's a chore.

Meanwhile, traditional forms of prostitution are struggling to survive. Workers transition to self-sufficiency led to the fact that in the Netherlands from 2000 to 2010 to close half of licensed sex clubs, says Dutch study. At the same time the authorities of different countries is becoming increasingly difficult to control and regulate the industry.

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