Monday, 23 February 2015


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I want to share with you my adventure yesterday.
I had an appointment at the Hyatt Hotel for a few hours. It was a foot fetish sessions. When I arrived, I was greeted not tall, middle-aged gentleman who he was very shy, not very talkative. I invited him to drink something and luckily he was in the room a bottle of good red wine. After a few sips of wine and non-coercive chatter he relaxed and confessed to me about his old dream. It turns out that he had long dreamed of doing a pedicure on women's legs and for the realization of his dream that he chose me! When I gladly accepted, he inspired, put my fee on the table and asked for a few minutes to prepare for this session. As a guest at the table, he brought some nail polish, pedicure tools and nail files. After conveniently nestled down on the floor and got down to business. First, he gently took my foot into his big and hot hands began stroking, caressing, kneading fingers on the feet, and his hands eagerly moved up my hips to buckle on his belt for stockings. He deftly (I think he did this is not the first time) unbuckled my stocking and copper plating began his pulling off my feet. However, he never for a moment forget the tongue and lips caress the inside of my thigh and aggressively move towards its goal. When he stops Dost and his tongue like a mad began to caress my fingers, tongue slip between them, all the hairs on my body stood on end and my skin crawled. It was almost an orgasm and I think he also felt my excitement. Then, to my surprise, he abruptly stopped his mad petting and started doing pedicure on my small, neat feet and nails on his feet covered, blood-red lacquer ... and then he gently caressed my legs, kissing and sucking each finger on my feet. And then, when my head was spinning at all, he turned me on my stomach, got on his knees and slowly unzipped his jeans and pulled out his erect penis ... he began to drive them in my footsteps, tapping each finger on his feet. When I could not stand this game and grabbed my legs his big hot cock, he groaned and began to slowly move her hips back and forth, back and forth ... and it exploded !!! His hot, sticky cum flooded my feet and ran down the ankles. He was stunned by this picture and could not move.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

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How to Eat a Girl (Pussy Eating)

I get e-mails from a lot of guys that have a disease.

It’s a rare disease and terrible for a man’s dating life.

I like to call it pussy-phobia.

It’s when you’re afraid of the pussy—you don’t know what to do to it.

So many of you don’t even know the right way to eat a pussy.

I can’t find a better phrase than eating pussy.

We can use the word cunnilingus for all you that have pussy-phobia.

So how do you master oral sex? How do you become a master of the pussy?

You’ve got to honor it first. You’ve got to respect she because it’s a lot different than your dick.

It needs to be warmed up, unlike the penis that just wants stimulation. The vagina really needs to be warmed up. And always remember, vaginas are different from each other. I’ve never met one that was just like the one before it.

Foreplay starts in a woman’s mind.

And oral sex to a woman is very intimate. A lot of women will let you have sex with them before they even let you go down on them, because having your face buried in their crotch is a very intimate act. A woman needs to feel comfortable in order to give herself to you in that way.

In order to really master oral sex, you need to master foreplay, and warm up her entire body, kissing all over, with soft touches that don’t skip a single area. Tease her as much as possible before you go for any type of stimulation.

When you finally go down on her finally, kiss around her lips, softly and gently. That is when the pussy really begins to part for you. It opens up and it gets wetter and wetter the more you tease it.

So then take your tongue and just move it around real soft, softly over her clit, starting gently. Now of course, some like it rough, where the tongue moves fast, but you can’t lose if you start slowly.

Then just slowly take your tongue and move it around in a circle. Try each direction to see which way she responds, try up and down. You got to try different ways to really get her to respond because once again, all women are very different.

You can even ask her how she likes you to move. Asking is not a bad thing, instead of just assuming and wasting time doing nothing.

Every woman likes it differently. They like to be caressed differently, held differently, and made love to differently.

So try some of these moves and see how she responds. Watch her. Listen to her. And do more of the things that make her back arch and legs quiver.

Soon you will be master of her pussy domain.
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