Saturday, 25 April 2015


Hello, dear visitor! I think that if you got on my page – its destiny. In our world, nothing happens for a reason. I am sure!
My name is RIMMA and I’m 24 years old. I am a hot redhead girl with a slim figure and beautiful smile. In the real world, you’d have noticed me…)
Since childhood, I go swimming. Now I’m a professional swimmer. Swimming competitions are always held in different countries, so from my childhood I had fall in love with travel. I have visited many countries, but most of all I would like to visit Singapore and Malaysia and I have a good rest there. Alas, there is no one to keep me company. I know that many girls have a wonderful time when they are escorting men in Malaysia, and I also want to try!
Despite the fact that all my life – it is a sport, I graduated school with honors. After high school I went to university and took a part in various swimming competitions, I was the best! At that time, I did not have time on guys, but now I am open to new acquaintances, and especially I open for traveling. I exactly that girl with whom you will not get bored.
I am athletic and confident girl, but at the same time I have a fragile soul and delicate nature. Although the sport brings real leaders, I always wanted to have a man who will protect me and cuddle me. I’m sure this man could be you…
Also, I love stylish clothes and beautiful lingerie. I’m sure you would have liked it too…). Sometimes I attend fashion shows, to look always attractive.
Unfortunately, I have not met a man who would be completely intrigued me. So I decided to look for him here. I think you could be the man with whom I can spend a wonderful time and we will decide to meet again and again!
In spare time I like both active and passive recreation. Sometimes I go camping with friends for a few days, enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Sometimes visit clubs and restaurants. And sometimes I just spend my free time at home and read a fascinating book. I love to read fiction novels, they are superb.
During the holidays I regularly visit other cities and countries. Learn something new it is a natural!
I think you’re a very interesting and intelligent man, you’ll be able to support and cheer at the right time. And I want to be your best escort in Kiev/Ukraine. I hope we’ll meet and spend unforgettable time together…

Thursday, 9 April 2015


Oh man, redheads! There’s just something about them, right? When they’re not hot, boy they’re really not hot at all, but when they’re hot, you need to look out! Red hair may be one of the hardest hues to pull off, but when someone gets red right… there’s nothing better!!!

With their fiery looks, cute freckles and stunning light skin, ginger hotties are that rare breed of beauty capable of making even the most stunning blonds and brunettes seem pretty normal. Bruce Springsteen once sang (and I happen to agree with him): “Brunettes are fine, man, and blondes are fun, but when it comes to getting a job done I need a red headed woman”.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


Scenarios:                                       Depraved massage

         +380501318919  SEXY RIMMA        MASSAGE WITH SEXY RIMMA

Probably not a man who would not love a massage. For visiting massage parlors people spread large amounts of money, because it is pleasure is worth it. You can make a "massage parlor" at home, turning a pleasant and useful procedure of massage in sexual role-play. This does not necessarily know how to do professional massage - just learn a couple of basic massage movements, because it will be a session of erotic rather than therapeutic massage.

Try to arrange the bedroom real "massage parlor" - in this game is very important atmosphere. Let everything in the room is saturated with sex: the mysterious twilight, candles and pleasant oriental music will create the right mood. The man playing the role of the client must feel themselves in the magical world of sensual pleasures.

Woman for the role masseuse can put on your most exciting outfit that emphasizes her charms. Suitable short translucent robe that makes her look like a nurse from a professional massage service, or oriental costume - silk trousers and tops, if it depicts a Thai masseuse.

Need to start from the back massage. Start with the shoulders and gradually descend to the lower back and lower. When erotic massage must use massage oil. It is best to pick up the oil with flavor-aphrodisiac - this effect have Ealing-ylang, neroli, sandalwood - or oil with some odorless, non-irritating. Do not spare the oil - a touch of gentle hands sliding over the naked body, the man delivered a delightful experience.

Massage all over his body, but do not touch at first to his genitals. It is only when a man is very excited, start to massage the buttocks, and then the penis and testicles. In this game, you can also perform a prostate massage - this man will surely enjoy. Warn at once, that the rules of the game, the client in any case should not touch the masseuse myself. Use the in-game elements of Thai massage, when a woman slips on male breast or even the whole body. Creative imagination, and the man will be delighted!

End session can make a man a blowjob, or have sex with him in a pose "rider."