Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pose rider - Secrets skilled mistresses

Pose rider is probably the second most popular sex positions after the classic missionary position, and the only one in which, contrary to generally accepted ideas about sex, a woman can fuck a man !!))). Despite its popularity, not many girls removed the tremendous potential of pleasure that this position can give both partners. Today we are going to lift the curtain of mystery and find out what men and women love this position, there are some variations of it, and as a girl the right to move into a pose rider and what muscles comprise for delivering maximum pleasure to the man and himself.

                                                                    SEXY RIMMA

 What do girls like in a pose rider

Manage your enjoyment. No matter how competent in sexual terms was not a man, to know and understand the girl's body better than she did, he never would. Only she knows what angle, how fast and how deep is currently a member must be a member to get the maximum enjoyment. In this position, all these moments she could manage perfectly.
Control his pleasure (feeling of power over a partner) - if a girl knows and understands how to move in a pose rider in order to deliver the maximum pleasure to the man, she could easily control the speed of the onset of the male orgasm. Such a sweet feeling of power over man and his pleasure many girls are very strong winds.

What men like posture rider

Men like to have sex is not only a member, but also the eyes. Hearing, touch, charm, of course, all this, too, in one degree or another are involved, but the fact that he feels his dick and see his eyes makes men excited the most. A rider position in its various embodiments allows you to show all men and at different angles. I understand that not all women feel quite at ease in a particularly outspoken versions of this position. But you must understand that unlike women who love their ears, men like eyes. So if you want to give the man a truly memorable sex, arrange him a frank show. Rider like no other position for this show. The situation of men in this position allows him to see the whole you: your face, your chest, your vagina, your buttocks, and most importantly how to have part of his penis.
A man can relax. You say, "And what's with that?". Firstly it allows you to relax completely focused on their feelings and experiences that lead to a strong excitation. Secondly the more relaxed the body of a man upon the occurrence of orgasm, the orgasm is the stronger and longer. Caught muscles do not allow orgasm unfold fully. But this does not mean that a man should lay motionless like a log. He can carry out counter-motion pelvis, which, incidentally, very much like many girls.

Additional features. Hands free men greatly expands range of additional exciting activities. They are, he can caress his chest partner, further to masturbate the clitoris or knead the buttocks of his beloved. In general, do what he wants, what excites him and his partner.


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