Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Just to be clear
Dominance isn’t about sex.
A D/s relationship isn’t about bondage and toys.
TPE isn’t about keeping a sex slave.
I post a lot of porn because, well, let’s face it: we all love porn. But the sexual aspect forms such a small part of the whole that I sometimes feel like I’m doing it a disservice with my blog.
Dominance is being there for her.
Dominance is working through her meltdowns.
Dominance is accepting her, especially when she won’t accept herself.
Dominance is being asked for the millionth time if you love her.
Dominance is tucking her in at night.
Dominance is telling her no.
Dominance is quieting her demons.
Dominance is being her bastion of strength.
Dominance is shrugging off her anger and frustration when you do things for her own good.
Dominance is encouraging her.
Dominance is comforting her i the middle of the night when she’s had a nightmare.
Dominance is guiding her.
Dominance is building her.
Dominance is love.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

If Your Life Is Not Erotic, Then It Is Not Interesting!

There are many kinds of people.  Some look for happiness in money, some find satisfaction in power. However, it has been observed that to find happiness in life, all rich & famous, powerful & influential, small & big ultimately turn to love and lust.
Therefore, LOVE and LUST are the only aspects of life that make human happy.  And that’s the reason people always crave for love and lust at all times.
LOVE and LUST can be experienced with small erotic acts.  When you perform erotic acts, you experience LOVE and LUST, which lead to the ultimate joy of life and make life beautiful and erotic.
If you don’t have moments of eroticism, you are not living your life at all.
  • when you like someone,
  • when you get infatuated to someone,
  • when you think of someone romantically,
  • when you meet someone beautiful and sexy,
  • when you find someone who gets crazy for you,
  • when you fall in love, (try to fuck!)
  • when you are being loved by someone,
  • when you hug someone and your chest feels the softness of someone’s creamy breasts,
  • when you scent someone’s silky hair,
  • when you run your hands on all over soft curves of someone’s erotic body,
  • when you experience lightening sensation between your legs,
  • when you feel and taste someone’s tender pair of lips,
  • when you feel like having fuck with someone,
  • when you feel heat in your body and your dick gets hard,
  • when you undress someone and feel naked body,
  • when you are undressed by someone,
  • when you smell the intoxicating perspiration of a naked body,
  • when you suck the hard nipple,
  • when you kiss every pore of someone’s body,
  • when you make your tongue danced on someone’s wet floor between the legs,
  • when you lick and suck pussy,
  • when you fuck someone,
  • when you say to someone – I Love You! (I mean I fuck you!)
  • AND…
  • when you hear the response  – I Love You Too, ( fuck me hard!)
THEN the life becomes interesting!!!
Eroticism is purely an experience, an ecstasy of life. Eroticism makes you feel alive, gives you sexual satisfaction, makes your life happy, blissful, and worth living.
So, if your life is not erotic, then your life is not interesting!
Be erotic and make your life beautiful and erotic.

Always your

Friday, 20 May 2016

I’m here to please you as much as you please me...

                ALWAYS YOUR
My eyes are still closed, I’m dreaming of your hands touching my cock and my balls. My cock grows in between your soft caresses. I’m getting hot.
I hardly open one of my eyes, to realize that it was not a dream. You are at my feet, under the sheets, with my cock getting harder as your hands slide over it. 
You look into my eyes, and with a big smile on your face, your lips open to say:
 Good morning, honey. I’m heating my breakfast. I want your big sausage with your boiled eggs. 
After that, my glans disappears between your sweet lips. As you keep your eyes looking right into mine as my lips draw a big smile.
My cock is hard and stiff, you hold it with one hand, while you boil my balls with the other. Your mouth swallows my dick, down to your hand. 
Your head moves back and forth showing my cock covered with lots of your saliva and then making it disappear again as I moan in pleasure. 
You move backwards, leaving threads of saliva hanging from my cock to your lips. You take your tongue out to start licking my stiff cock, down to my balls, hiding them in your mouth one by one.
You lick, suck and kiss my balls and my ready to explode cock, looking into my eyes, seeing me twist with pleasure. 
You lick your fingers and then you slide them over your pussy, opening its lips, showing that beautiful pink flesh inside willing to be hosting my hot and hard sausage you have already had for breakfast.
You sit on my cock, making it slide inside your velvet smooth pussy, before you start to ride me, gently at fist but soon galloping as an amazon.
Your gorgeous tits dance in the air as you jump over me, my hands grab your waist, yours are over my chest.
I grab your ass, spreading its cheeks, as your cunt splashes over my balls, all wet in your juices.
I stand up on my knees, grabbing you again by your tiny waist, taking control of our movements. I dig my hard cock deeper inside your wet pussy in every stroke.
I pull your body against mine, making you shiver with excitement, you moan, you cry, you scream as I thrust harder and deeper inside you.
We are both sweating, our bodies are shining, my balls are pumping its hot milk, soon to be unloaded.
You ask me to cum all over your skin, you want to feel my hot sauce over your soft skin. 
I’m here to please you as much as you please me, so I take my cock out of your wet pussy, strike it with my hand until a thick rain covers your body, your tits, your belly, your face, your hair are getting splashed with my hot cum.
You enjoyed it, seeing that big satisfied smile on your face is the best proof of it. I loved it, I love you.
And now it’s time for a healthy breakfast to fill our stomachs with, to recover our energy back, we are on holidays and we need all the forces we can get to enjoy it fully.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


                         +380501318919-SEXY RIMMA                     

It is like an uncontrollable desire burning inside me, I just want to feel you deep, whenever I think of you my body heats up.
The memory of your shaft digging deep inside my wetness, thrusting heavily into me…  I feel as if it I could not get enough of it, the more I get the more I want… I feel you as an addiction, your body, your hands, your dick…
We have done it in every position, but when I feel your weight over my back, pushing me against the couch, with your hardness moving inside of me, your fingers softly touching my clit, making me so wet, taking my arousal to an orgasm…
The mere remembrance of it all makes me wet again, as wet as I have never been before. I can’t get you out of my head, every now and then you come to my mind and my hands rub my soaked pussy.
I like feeling you in control, feeling the power you have over my wishes and thoughts. I love feeling submissed to you, feeling I’m your slave. It’s a new sensation for me, so pleasant, so exciting, I can’t see where is this going to take me to, but I don’t mind. I love to feel I’m yours.
I love that point in which we are, there’s nothing you ask me to do that I’m am not willing to do, there are no taboos, I don’t feel ashamed, nothing seems nasty, disgusting, any of your fantasies works perfect for me.
I remember that day you asked me to act as your naughty kitten, walking in all fours all over your place, moaning towards you, resting my head over your legs as you took your shaft out, and then licking it, swallowing it deep, looking into your eyes to see your face as you groaned with pleasure right before you filled my mouth with your tasty hot cum. Omg how much I love it.
I also remember that day you pleased one of my fantasies: you covered my eyes with a silky lace, you got me nude and then tied my hands at my back. My senses got more sensitive, every one of your caresses made my skin hair arise, you took me to a point of high receptiveness, not knowing what you were about to do, or even where you were was keeping me alert.
You started playing with me, touching me as soft as a feather, touching my pussy with a cold toy, all of this with me standing on foot in the middle of the room, making guesses about what will be next, failing in my guess every time. Your lips on my nipples, soft bites on my neck, wispers in my ear…
Then you made me kneel on the carpet, head to the floor, ass to the ceiling, and you played with that toy around my anus, spreading my legs with yours, making me secretly wish your thick tool destroying my ass no matter the pain I could feel in my unexplored hole. I want you to feel I’m completely yours. But I did not dare to ask, I just wanted to see were did you want it to go.
Your fingers tasted my wetness, then yours hands placed your dick between my wet lips, you grabbed me by my tied wrists and began to fuck me mad, making me cry with my face against the floor, soaking your carpet with the wetness coming out of my pussy, sliding down my thighs. You took me to the best orgasm to date.
Now here I am, writing this lines, waiting for you to take me to heaven… Again.
Always your,

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Pose rider - Secrets skilled mistresses

Pose rider is probably the second most popular sex positions after the classic missionary position, and the only one in which, contrary to generally accepted ideas about sex, a woman can fuck a man !!))). Despite its popularity, not many girls removed the tremendous potential of pleasure that this position can give both partners. Today we are going to lift the curtain of mystery and find out what men and women love this position, there are some variations of it, and as a girl the right to move into a pose rider and what muscles comprise for delivering maximum pleasure to the man and himself.

                                                                    SEXY RIMMA

 What do girls like in a pose rider

Manage your enjoyment. No matter how competent in sexual terms was not a man, to know and understand the girl's body better than she did, he never would. Only she knows what angle, how fast and how deep is currently a member must be a member to get the maximum enjoyment. In this position, all these moments she could manage perfectly.
Control his pleasure (feeling of power over a partner) - if a girl knows and understands how to move in a pose rider in order to deliver the maximum pleasure to the man, she could easily control the speed of the onset of the male orgasm. Such a sweet feeling of power over man and his pleasure many girls are very strong winds.

What men like posture rider

Men like to have sex is not only a member, but also the eyes. Hearing, touch, charm, of course, all this, too, in one degree or another are involved, but the fact that he feels his dick and see his eyes makes men excited the most. A rider position in its various embodiments allows you to show all men and at different angles. I understand that not all women feel quite at ease in a particularly outspoken versions of this position. But you must understand that unlike women who love their ears, men like eyes. So if you want to give the man a truly memorable sex, arrange him a frank show. Rider like no other position for this show. The situation of men in this position allows him to see the whole you: your face, your chest, your vagina, your buttocks, and most importantly how to have part of his penis.
A man can relax. You say, "And what's with that?". Firstly it allows you to relax completely focused on their feelings and experiences that lead to a strong excitation. Secondly the more relaxed the body of a man upon the occurrence of orgasm, the orgasm is the stronger and longer. Caught muscles do not allow orgasm unfold fully. But this does not mean that a man should lay motionless like a log. He can carry out counter-motion pelvis, which, incidentally, very much like many girls.

Additional features. Hands free men greatly expands range of additional exciting activities. They are, he can caress his chest partner, further to masturbate the clitoris or knead the buttocks of his beloved. In general, do what he wants, what excites him and his partner.


Saturday, 25 April 2015


Hello, dear visitor! I think that if you got on my page – its destiny. In our world, nothing happens for a reason. I am sure!
My name is RIMMA and I’m 24 years old. I am a hot redhead girl with a slim figure and beautiful smile. In the real world, you’d have noticed me…)
Since childhood, I go swimming. Now I’m a professional swimmer. Swimming competitions are always held in different countries, so from my childhood I had fall in love with travel. I have visited many countries, but most of all I would like to visit Singapore and Malaysia and I have a good rest there. Alas, there is no one to keep me company. I know that many girls have a wonderful time when they are escorting men in Malaysia, and I also want to try!
Despite the fact that all my life – it is a sport, I graduated school with honors. After high school I went to university and took a part in various swimming competitions, I was the best! At that time, I did not have time on guys, but now I am open to new acquaintances, and especially I open for traveling. I exactly that girl with whom you will not get bored.
I am athletic and confident girl, but at the same time I have a fragile soul and delicate nature. Although the sport brings real leaders, I always wanted to have a man who will protect me and cuddle me. I’m sure this man could be you…
Also, I love stylish clothes and beautiful lingerie. I’m sure you would have liked it too…). Sometimes I attend fashion shows, to look always attractive.
Unfortunately, I have not met a man who would be completely intrigued me. So I decided to look for him here. I think you could be the man with whom I can spend a wonderful time and we will decide to meet again and again!
In spare time I like both active and passive recreation. Sometimes I go camping with friends for a few days, enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Sometimes visit clubs and restaurants. And sometimes I just spend my free time at home and read a fascinating book. I love to read fiction novels, they are superb.
During the holidays I regularly visit other cities and countries. Learn something new it is a natural!
I think you’re a very interesting and intelligent man, you’ll be able to support and cheer at the right time. And I want to be your best escort in Kiev/Ukraine. I hope we’ll meet and spend unforgettable time together…