Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Just to be clear
Dominance isn’t about sex.
A D/s relationship isn’t about bondage and toys.
TPE isn’t about keeping a sex slave.
I post a lot of porn because, well, let’s face it: we all love porn. But the sexual aspect forms such a small part of the whole that I sometimes feel like I’m doing it a disservice with my blog.
Dominance is being there for her.
Dominance is working through her meltdowns.
Dominance is accepting her, especially when she won’t accept herself.
Dominance is being asked for the millionth time if you love her.
Dominance is tucking her in at night.
Dominance is telling her no.
Dominance is quieting her demons.
Dominance is being her bastion of strength.
Dominance is shrugging off her anger and frustration when you do things for her own good.
Dominance is encouraging her.
Dominance is comforting her i the middle of the night when she’s had a nightmare.
Dominance is guiding her.
Dominance is building her.
Dominance is love.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

If Your Life Is Not Erotic, Then It Is Not Interesting!

There are many kinds of people.  Some look for happiness in money, some find satisfaction in power. However, it has been observed that to find happiness in life, all rich & famous, powerful & influential, small & big ultimately turn to love and lust.
Therefore, LOVE and LUST are the only aspects of life that make human happy.  And that’s the reason people always crave for love and lust at all times.
LOVE and LUST can be experienced with small erotic acts.  When you perform erotic acts, you experience LOVE and LUST, which lead to the ultimate joy of life and make life beautiful and erotic.
If you don’t have moments of eroticism, you are not living your life at all.
  • when you like someone,
  • when you get infatuated to someone,
  • when you think of someone romantically,
  • when you meet someone beautiful and sexy,
  • when you find someone who gets crazy for you,
  • when you fall in love, (try to fuck!)
  • when you are being loved by someone,
  • when you hug someone and your chest feels the softness of someone’s creamy breasts,
  • when you scent someone’s silky hair,
  • when you run your hands on all over soft curves of someone’s erotic body,
  • when you experience lightening sensation between your legs,
  • when you feel and taste someone’s tender pair of lips,
  • when you feel like having fuck with someone,
  • when you feel heat in your body and your dick gets hard,
  • when you undress someone and feel naked body,
  • when you are undressed by someone,
  • when you smell the intoxicating perspiration of a naked body,
  • when you suck the hard nipple,
  • when you kiss every pore of someone’s body,
  • when you make your tongue danced on someone’s wet floor between the legs,
  • when you lick and suck pussy,
  • when you fuck someone,
  • when you say to someone – I Love You! (I mean I fuck you!)
  • AND…
  • when you hear the response  – I Love You Too, ( fuck me hard!)
THEN the life becomes interesting!!!
Eroticism is purely an experience, an ecstasy of life. Eroticism makes you feel alive, gives you sexual satisfaction, makes your life happy, blissful, and worth living.
So, if your life is not erotic, then your life is not interesting!
Be erotic and make your life beautiful and erotic.

Always your